Automotive Tooling Made Future-Proof

The race to market in automotive has never been more competitive, and optimizing tooling gives manufacturers a distinct advantage.

We leverage cutting-edge market technologies, including our extensive knowledge of 3D printing

Our innovative solutions improve efficiency and cost management while creating a safer work environment and accurate quality control process.

Measurement & Checking Fixtures

Integrate functionality and modularity to measure parts quickly and easily

Automotive measurement and laser checking fixture
Front modular cubing system for Aston Martin DB11

Cubing Systems

Reuse base structures to save on storage space and reduce transport costs with our modular solutions

Jigs & Calipers

Work with lightweight solutions that reduce health-and-safety risks while checking or inspecting parts

Dashboard quality checking fixture for nominal glovebox fitting
Logo jig assembly tool for Volvo S60

Production Tools

Work with custom, lightweight assembly aids that only require a single operator

Why RapidFit

Increased Efficiency

Experience faster development cycles and flexible supply chains with our modular and digital solutions

Innovative Solutions

Keep up with a market that is rapidly digitalizing with our customized solutions developed using cutting-edge technologies

Reduced Risk

Establish sustainable manufacturing by working with our safe solutions and RapidFit as a reliable partner

Trusted By Leading Automotive Companies