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Through our expert knowledge of engineering, 3D printing, and software development, we offer top-of-the-line solutions that save on costs, time, weight, and space. Discover the best of automotive inspection and production tooling.

Tailgate jig for checking multiple assemblies and hinge locations

What Can You Expect When Working With Us?

Increased Efficiency

Adopt a modular approach to accelerate your development cycles and digital processes to enable flexible supply chains. By future-proofing your business with RapidFit solutions, you’ll experience error-free, speedy production processes and bring down costs.

Innovative Solutions
Secure your spot at the front of the market with customized solutions and digital processes that enable us to collaborate smarter. We integrate the most innovative technologies into our offerings, made possible through our team’s extensive engineering capabilities and 30+ years of experience.
Reduced Risk
By meeting the standards of certifications such as TISAX and ISO 14001, we commit to improving the automotive industry. With our future-oriented initiatives, dependable service, and advancements in automotive tooling ergonomics, safe, sustainable manufacturing is what we strive for.

Trust In Quality

We never stop striving to become better. Every employee at RapidFit commits to delivering the highest quality service in line with our customers’ expectations and regulatory requirements.

Transparent communication and an insistence on quality are key elements that advance us on our mission to be a trusted, reliable partner for the automotive industry.

RapidFit values quality management principles according to ISO9001. We consistently perform customer surveys and customer journey workshops to improve the entire organization.

We put our ISO 14001 certification into action through our organization-wide environmental management system that seeks to understand and, above all, minimize our effect on the environment.

We take confidentiality and data security very seriously at RapidFit. Our TISAX-certified steps ensure that all information going through our systems is secure.

RapidFit was great to work with. The level of communication and willingness to adapt to constant change helped build confidence in their ability to provide the tooling we required. Their unique designs and solutions helped create a physical model that is both user friendly, and fully capable of providing a base for our complex analysis.

With significant budget constraints, RapidFit were able to return to the drawing board and design something totally different to our usual way of working on such a project and it worked brilliantly. The model provided is now considered as the benchmark for future interior projects.

Jamie Farrell,

Tolerance Analysis & Virtual Build Engineer, Bentley Motors Limited