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Curious to know whether laser checking fixtures would be profitable for you? Tell us a bit about your business and simulate your potential gains in production efficiency, operational savings and profits. Think about the part for which you want to run this simulation, and drag the slider to set the variables.

Success Story

Understanding the Value of RapidFit: An Interview with Bart Wilberts

Why does the automotive industry choose RapidFit? We sat down with managing director Bart Wilberts to ask him all about the current state of the automotive industry, the benefits additive manufacturing (AM) brings to tooling, and what the future holds. 

September 1, 2021

Success Story

Introducing Quality Checking Fixtures at Comau with Speed and Adaptability

Comau wanted to broaden their line with the addition of quality checking solutions. By collaborating with the RapidFit team on these fixtures, they can retain their core advantages thanks to faster lead times, lighter tools, and modular systems that ultimately improve quality checking for their end customers.

July 06, 2021

Success Story

Thinking Additive: How Volvo Car Gent Has Reimagined Production Fixtures

Volvo Car Gent and Materialise discovered that if you boost performance and streamline supply of tools and fixtures, you can unlock savings, production headroom and more. How? By using a combination of 3D-printed and off-the-shelf parts to create tailored solutions faster. Here’s a gluing jig that combines all previous components in one fixture, weighs 64% less and can be delivered in only two weeks at nearly half the price of the previous jig.

February 24, 2017

Success Story

Vehicle Development, Simplified: The RapidFit Smart Cube

Using a combination of 3D-printed parts and a fully modular approach, RapidFit’s smart cubing system empowers automotive brands to speed up their engineering and development process. Whether that’s for an Aston Martin DB11 or the iconic London taxicab. Discover the future of vehicle development, as seen through the eyes of RapidFit head Filip Dehing.

January 31, 2018


How Automotive Jigs and Fixtures Can Maximize the Benefits of 3D Printing

3D printing (3DP) is increasingly seen as the best way to produce automotive jigs and fixtures. But even though many auto manufacturers have already taken the 3DP route, far too many of them are still missing out on benefits like lighter weight, higher accuracy, lower costs and shorter lead times.

July 20, 2019

Press release

Carbon Fiber & Additive Manufacturing Make Automotive Fixtures Up to 90% Lighter

RapidFit, a tool manufacturer and subsidiary of the 3D printing specialist Materialise, is launching a new innovation in its tried-and-tested modular system for automotive tooling. The innovative combination of carbon fiber beams and individual 3D-printed elements makes it possible to produce jigs and inspection fixtures that are up to 90 percent lighter than conventionally produced tools.

April 17, 2018