Calculate your Return On Investment

Curious to know whether laser checking fixtures would be profitable for you? Tell us a bit about your business and simulate your potential gains in production efficiency, operational savings and profits. Think about the part for which you want to run this simulation, and drag the slider to set the variables.

Current frequency of measurement

2 parts/day

Desired frequency of measurement

4 parts/day

N° of years in production

5 years

Annual production volume


N° of measurement positions


Production cost per part

€ 30.00

Hourly personnel cost

€ 45 / h

Your production efficiency

€ 30,000

Measuring more in less time allows you to detect production process failures earlier. By reducing the batch sizes in between two measurements, you can reduce the number of parts that need to be scrapped.

Here’s how much you can potentially save on materials.

Your operational savings

€ 18,563

Depending on how many positions on a part need to be measured, up to 15 times the number of measurements can be completed using RapidFit in the same amount of time it currently takes to perform manual checks.

Here’s the labour cost you save when automating your current amount of measurements.

Your profit

€ 17,471

Here’s your total return on investment, looking at total savings minus the investment in a RapidFit laser checking fixture.

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